How to Use a Body Pillow For Sex 2020 Update 11/2023

How to Use a Body Pillow For Sex

how to use a wedge pillow for sex

Using a bed pillow for sex is actually pretty easy. Once you find the right one, you’ll have an orgasm on command! Read on for some helpful tips for how to use a body pillow for male or female sex.

When I was first introduced to using a body pillow for males or females, I did not have very high expectations. I assumed it would take a lot of extra effort, as I’m not used to doing it that way. I have always used a regular mattress, which often causes a lot of pressure on my back. I thought a body pillow would simply make it even more uncomfortable.

So how do you really use a body pillow for males or females? It is actually a lot easier than I thought. Here are a few useful tips for how to use a body pillow for sex.

First, make sure that you are laying down flat on your back, not in a sitting position. This helps to prevent the weight of the mattress from causing too much pressure on your spine.

Next, you need to lie down on your back with your legs spread wide. You can then use your feet to support your head. If you do not want to sit up, you can use pillows under your knees.

Use your hands to prop yourself up with a pillow between your knees, which can be placed in a comfortable height. This will provide support for the penis and stomach.

Now, take deep breaths and relax. Remember, you are trying to eliminate any possible tension in your body so that your muscles can relax.

The fun part is getting in. Start by gently picking your partner up off the bed.

The next thing to remember when using a body pillow for sex is that you should keep the area between your partner’s legs wet. Do not be afraid to dig in there and explore. This is probably the most fun part of the whole experience!

How to use a body pillow for males is really quite simple. However, be careful not to let the pressure of a bed pillow throw your spine out of alignment!

Now, your penis is sliding in and out, giving you increased stimulation for sperm cells. It is worth it!

We all know male pillows can be somewhat uncomfortable, but they work well for getting results, as well as a great enhancement! Hopefully, these tips help you have better sex.