Difficulty: Low
Duration: 2 hours
Description: A hike along the Río de las Vueltas, that traverses a beautiful wood of ñires to reach the Chorrillo del Salto, a 20 meter-high waterfall.
Distance to cover: 4 km
Elevation: 0 meters


Difficulty: Low
Duration: 3 hours
Description: Walk through the little village and pass the Ranger Station, where the Visitors Centre that you may visit is located. The short hike climes up to the Condors Viewpoint where there is a wonderful view of El Chaltén, the valley of Río de las Vueltas and famous Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy. Also we visit the Eagle Viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of the Viedma Lake and the Patagonian Steppe.
Walking distance: 3 km
Elevation gain: 100 meters


Difficulty: Low
Duration: 3 hours
Description: Hike along the Río Fitz Roy valley to reach the viewpoint of Cerro Torre. These famous pick is well known and attract climbers all over the world, who attempt to climb its sheer face. If the weather is good this short hike offers unforgettable views.
Distance to cover: 8 km
Elevation: 250 meters


Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 4 hours
Descripción: Walk across native patagonian beech forest to get to Laguna Capri. From the trail there are panoramic view of El Chaltén and the first estancia of the area where Andreas Madsen settled in the early 1900’s. Laguna Capri is the best point to sit down and set eyes on the granite wall of Mount Fitz Roy.
Distance to cover: 12 km
Elevation: 400 meter